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Release: django-sql-dashboard 0.8a2

Correctly sign ?sql= on redirects created using DASHBOARD_UPGRADE_OLD_BASE64_LINKS. #68

Released 2021-04-14T06:22:53Z

Release: django-sql-dashboard 0.8a1

Fixed bug with DASHBOARD_UPGRADE_OLD_BASE64_LINKS setting. #67

Released 2021-04-14T06:09:03Z

Release: django-sql-dashboard 0.8a0

Make it easy to provide a custom base template. #7 Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors header. #64 Signing no longer uses base64/json. #45 DASHBOARD_UPGRADE_OLD_BASE64_LINKS mechanism. #65

Released 2021-04-14T05:55:20Z

Release: django-sql-dashboard 0.7a0

SQL textarea now always has at least 5 rows Always strip trailing ; from SQL, fixing bug with "count" links. #56 URLize links in results. #61

Released 2021-04-12T23:17:12Z

Release: airtable-export 0.7.1

Fixed bug with new --http-read-timeout feature

Released 2021-04-09T23:13:21Z

Release: django-sql-dashboard 0.6a0

Fix for bug with columns with identical names. #52 DASHBOARD_ROW_LIMIT setting. #53 Size SQL textarea to fit SQL. #51

Released 2021-04-09T04:44:11Z

Release: airtable-export 0.7

New --http-read-timeout option, thanks Eli Block! #14

Released 2021-04-08T22:18:29Z

Blog: Render single selected county on a map

Render single selected county on a map Another experiment at the intersection of Datasette and Observable notebooks. This one imports a full Datasette table (3,200 US counties) using streaming CSV and loads that into Observable's new Search and Table filter widgets. Once you select a single county a second Datasette SQL query (this time retuning JSON) fetches a GeoJSON representation of that ...

Published 2021-04-05T04:48:16+00:00

Blog: Animated choropleth of vaccinations by US county

Last week I mentioned that I've recently started scraping and storing the CDC's per-county vaccination numbers in my cdc-vaccination-history GitHub repository. This week I used an Observable notebook and d3's TopoJSON support to render those numbers on an animated choropleth map. The full code is available at From scraper to D...

Published 2021-04-04T05:37:24+00:00

Release: airtable-export 0.6

New --user-agent= option for passing a custom user-agent to Airtable. #12

Released 2021-04-02T05:42:52Z

Release: datasette 0.56

Documentation improvements, bug fixes and support for SpatiaLite 5. The SQL editor can now be resized by dragging a handle. (#1236) Fixed a bug with JSON faceting and the __arraycontains filter caused by tables with spaces in their names. (#1239) Upgraded httpx dependency. (#1005) JSON faceting is now suggested even if a column contains blank strings. (#1246) New datasette.add_memory_database() m...

Released 2021-03-29T00:43:36Z

Blog: Weeknotes: SpatiaLite 5, Datasette on Azure, more CDC vaccination history

This week I got SpatiaLite 5 working in the Datasette Docker image, improved the CDC vaccination history git scraper, figured out Datasette on Azure and we closed on a new home! SpatiaLite 5 for Datasette SpatiaLite 5 came out earlier this year with a bunch of exciting improvements, most notably an implementation of KNN (K-nearest neighbours) - a way to efficiently answer the question "what are t...

Published 2021-03-28T05:19:57+00:00

Datasette News: 2021-03-28

Datasette 0.56 has bug fixes and documentation improvements, plus some new documented internal APIs for plugin authors and SpatiaLite 5 bundled with the official Datasette Docker container.

Release: datasette-publish-vercel 0.9.3

Better error message for --project that contains uppercase characters. #37 Documentation on usage with GitHub Actions. #36

Released 2021-03-26T19:12:33Z

Release: sqlite-transform 0.5

--dayfirst and --yearfirst options for parsedate and parsedatetime commands. #12

Released 2021-03-24T22:59:15Z

Release: django-sql-dashboard 0.5a0

Link to dashboard from admin edit page. #48 Better error message for queries with % that needs to be escaped. #41

Released 2021-03-24T14:42:32Z

Release: tableau-to-sqlite 0.2.1

Pin underlying version of TableauScraper library to avoid problems caused by breaking changes. #4

Released 2021-03-22T03:56:03Z

Blog: The Accountability Project Datasettes

The Accountability Project Datasettes The Accountability Project "curates, standardizes and indexes public data to give journalists, researchers and others a simple way to search across otherwise siloed records" - they have a wide range of useful data, and they've started experimenting with Datasette to provide SQL access to a subset of the information that they have collected.

Published 2021-03-22T00:07:53+00:00

Release: django-sql-dashboard 0.4a2

Removed unnecessary migration dependency, so this should now install on versions of Django prior to 3.1. Thanks, @jefftriplett. #46

Released 2021-03-21T21:27:00Z

Release: django-sql-dashboard 0.4a1

Serve cache-control: private HTTP header on private dashboards. #43

Released 2021-03-21T00:40:22Z

Release: datasette-publish-vercel 0.9.2

Upgraded to latest @vercel/python builder, fixing a number of bugs involving incorrectly handled querystring characters. #28

Released 2021-03-20T21:47:32Z

Release: datasette-auth-passwords 0.4

Optional support for HTTP Basic authentication. #15

Released 2021-03-19T21:02:12Z

Release: django-sql-dashboard 0.4a0

Documentation now lives at (#36) Ability to copy and paste TSV from the default table display. (#29) Fixed two bugs with the way count links in column headers work. (#31, #32) New permissions system: a saved dashboard can now be made public, private, unlisted, group-only, staff-only or superuser-only. (#27)

Released 2021-03-19T06:50:27Z

Release: django-sql-dashboard 0.3a1

Changed default permission policy: saved dashboards are now inaccessible to the public by default (#37). This will change when permissions are implemented fully in #27.

Released 2021-03-16T00:14:51Z

Release: django-sql-dashboard 0.3a0

Added basic bar chart widget. #10 Added markdown widget. #12 Added html widget. #12

Released 2021-03-15T04:47:46Z

Release: django-sql-dashboard 0.2a2

Bundle widget templates in release.

Released 2021-03-15T03:13:20Z

Release: django-sql-dashboard 0.2a1

Fix for bug where templatetags were not bundled in the release package. #22

Released 2021-03-15T03:09:46Z

Release: django-sql-dashboard 0.2a0

Run tests against read-only 'dashboard' connection, refs #18 Named SQL parameters are now extracted into form fields. #15 Configure URLs using include() pattern. #14 ?sql= params are now signed, must first be created using a POST request. #13 New custom widgets framework #20 Big number widget for displaying a big number. #20

Released 2021-03-15T01:20:22Z

Release: hacker-news-to-sqlite 0.4

Progress display now shows the total as well as the number currently in the queue. % hacker-news-to-sqlite trees hn.db 26440397 done: 1, in queue: 0, total: 1 done: 2, in queue: 28, total: 30 done: 3, in queue: 27, total: 30

Released 2021-03-13T19:15:06Z

Release: django-sql-dashboard 0.1a3

Include templates and migrations in the release. #4

Released 2021-03-13T05:50:05Z

Release: django-sql-dashboard 0.1a2

Workaround for psycopg2 dependency bug on macOS. #3

Released 2021-03-13T05:38:20Z

Release: django-sql-dashboard 0.1a

Initial working alpha.

Released 2021-03-13T05:31:23Z

Tool: django-sql-dashboard

Django app for building dashboards using raw SQL queries django-sql-dashboard Django app for building dashboards using raw SQL queries Brings a useful subset of Datasette to Django. Currently only works with PostgreSQL. This is very early alpha. You should not yet trust this code, especially with regards to security. Do not run this in production (yet)! Documentation Full documentation is at djang...

Created 2021-03-13T03:38:23Z

Release: datasette-ripgrep 0.7

Use white-space: pre-wrap when displaying lines, so lines now wrap. #21 Long lines in results are now truncated, with a [...] link to expand them to full length. #22

Released 2021-03-11T20:03:38Z

Release: tableau-to-sqlite 0.2

Support importing data from a full URL to a Tableau dashboard hosted somewhere other than #2

Released 2021-03-11T06:52:22Z

Release: tableau-to-sqlite 0.1.1

No longer produces tables with single quotes in the name, which can cause bugs when viewed in Datasette. #1

Released 2021-03-11T06:37:14Z

Release: tableau-to-sqlite 0.1

First working version.

Released 2021-03-11T06:13:20Z

Tool: tableau-to-sqlite

Fetch data from Tableau into a SQLite database tableau-to-sqlite Fetch data from Tableau into a SQLite database. A wrapper around TableauScraper. Installation Install this tool using pip: $ pip install tableau-to-sqlite Usage If you have the URL to a Tableau dashboard like this: You can pass that directly to the tool: t...

Created 2021-03-11T06:12:02Z

Blog: Weeknotes: Datasette and Git scraping at NICAR, VaccinateCA

This week I virtually attended the NICAR data journalism conference and made a ton of progress on the Django backend for VaccinateCA (see last week). NICAR 2021 NICAR stands for the National Institute for Computer Assisted Reporting - an acronym that reflects the age of the organization, which started teaching journalists data-driven reporting back in 1989, long before the term "data journalism" b...

Published 2021-03-07T07:29:00+00:00

Blog: Trying to end the pandemic a little earlier with VaccinateCA

This week I got involved with the VaccinateCA effort. We are trying to end the pandemic a little earlier, by building the most accurate database possible of vaccination locations and availability in California. VaccinateCA I’ve been following this project for a while through Twitter, mainly via Patrick McKenzie - here’s his tweet about the project from January 20th. calls...

Published 2021-02-28T05:40:28+00:00