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347263722 2021-04-26
  • "Copy to clipboard" button on pretty-printed JSON results. #72
  • Saved dashboards no longer display broken export buttons. #71
2021-04-26T18:50:46Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
347263722 2021-04-25
  • Fixed bug where large SQL queries submitted by POST did not correctly evaluate any named parameters. #58
2021-04-25T23:24:58Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
347263722 2021-04-25
  • Handle SQL queries too long for a GET. #58
  • Export all results as CSV/TSV feature. #50
2021-04-25T23:08:38Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
347263722 2021-04-25
  • Use separate styles for pre.sql and pre.json
2021-04-25T17:31:00Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
347263722 2021-04-25
  • Do not show "[count]" links for unambiguous columns. #69
  • Better HTML titles for pages, for better browser history. #70
  • Pretty-print cells containing JSON. #62
2021-04-25T17:05:06Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
347263722 2021-04-14
  • Correctly sign ?sql= on redirects created using DASHBOARD_UPGRADE_OLD_BASE64_LINKS. #68
2021-04-14T06:22:53Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
347263722 2021-04-14
  • Fixed bug with DASHBOARD_UPGRADE_OLD_BASE64_LINKS setting. #67
2021-04-14T06:09:03Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
347263722 2021-04-14
  • Make it easy to provide a custom base template. #7
  • Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors header. #64
  • Signing no longer uses base64/json. #45
2021-04-14T05:55:20Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
347263722 2021-04-12
  • SQL textarea now always has at least 5 rows
  • Always strip trailing ; from SQL, fixing bug with "count" links. #56
  • URLize links in results. #61
2021-04-12T23:17:12Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
291339086 2021-04-09
  • Fixed bug with new --http-read-timeout feature
2021-04-09T23:13:21Z ["airtable", "airtable-api", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "yaml"]
347263722 2021-04-09
  • Fix for bug with columns with identical names. #52
  • DASHBOARD_ROW_LIMIT setting. #53
  • Size SQL textarea to fit SQL. #51
2021-04-09T04:44:11Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
291339086 2021-04-08
  • New --http-read-timeout option, thanks Eli Block! #14
2021-04-08T22:18:29Z ["airtable", "airtable-api", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "yaml"]
291339086 2021-04-02
  • New --user-agent= option for passing a custom user-agent to Airtable. #12
2021-04-02T05:42:52Z ["airtable", "airtable-api", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "yaml"]
107914493 2021-03-29

Documentation improvements, bug fixes and support for SpatiaLite 5.

  • The SQL editor can now be resized by dragging a handle. (#1236)
  • Fixed a bug with JSON faceting and the __arraycontains filter caused by tables with spaces in their names. (#1239)
  • Upgraded httpx dependency. (#1005)
  • JSON faceting is now suggested even if a column contains blank strings. (#1246)
  • New datasette.add_memory_database() method. (#1247)
  • The Response.asgi_send() method is now documented. (#1266)
  • The official Datasette Docker image now bundles SpatiaLite version 5. (#1278)
  • Fixed a no such table: pragma_database_list bug when running Datasette against SQLite versions prior to SQLite 3.16.0. (#1276)
  • HTML lists displayed in table cells are now styled correctly. Thanks, Bob Whitelock. (#1141, #1252)
  • Configuration directory mode now correctly serves immutable databases that are listed in inspect-data.json. Thanks Campbell Allen and Frankie Robertson. (#1031, #1229)
2021-03-29T00:43:36Z ["python", "docker", "json", "csv", "sql", "sqlite", "datasets", "asgi", "automatic-api", "datasette", "datasette-io"]
253632948 2021-03-26
  • Better error message for --project that contains uppercase characters. #37
  • Documentation on usage with GitHub Actions. #36
2021-03-26T19:12:33Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "vercel", "zeit-now"]
219372133 2021-03-24
  • --dayfirst and --yearfirst options for parsedate and parsedatetime commands. #12
2021-03-24T22:59:15Z ["datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "sqlite"]
347263722 2021-03-24
  • Link to dashboard from admin edit page. #48
  • Better error message for queries with % that needs to be escaped. #41
2021-03-24T14:42:32Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
346597557 2021-03-22
  • Pin underlying version of TableauScraper library to avoid problems caused by breaking changes. #4
2021-03-22T03:56:03Z ["datasette-io", "datasette-tool"]
347263722 2021-03-21
  • Removed unnecessary migration dependency, so this should now install on versions of Django prior to 3.1. Thanks, @jefftriplett. #46
2021-03-21T21:27:00Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
347263722 2021-03-21
  • Serve cache-control: private HTTP header on private dashboards. #43
2021-03-21T00:40:22Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
253632948 2021-03-20
  • Upgraded to latest @vercel/python builder, fixing a number of bugs involving incorrectly handled querystring characters. #28
2021-03-20T21:47:32Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "vercel", "zeit-now"]
279357123 2021-03-19
  • Optional support for HTTP Basic authentication. #15
2021-03-19T21:02:12Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin"]
347263722 2021-03-19
  • Documentation now lives at (#36)
  • Ability to copy and paste TSV from the default table display. (#29)
  • Fixed two bugs with the way count links in column headers work. (#31, #32)
  • New permissions system: a saved dashboard can now be made public, private, unlisted, group-only, staff-only or superuser-only. (#27)
2021-03-19T06:50:27Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
347263722 2021-03-16
  • Changed default permission policy: saved dashboards are now inaccessible to the public by default (#37). This will change when permissions are implemented fully in #27.
2021-03-16T00:14:51Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
347263722 2021-03-15
  • Added basic bar chart widget. #10
  • Added markdown widget. #12
  • Added html widget. #12
2021-03-15T04:47:46Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
347263722 2021-03-15
  • Bundle widget templates in release.
2021-03-15T03:13:20Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
347263722 2021-03-15
  • Fix for bug where templatetags were not bundled in the release package. #22
2021-03-15T03:09:46Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
347263722 2021-03-15
  • Run tests against read-only 'dashboard' connection, refs #18
  • Named SQL parameters are now extracted into form fields. #15
  • Configure URLs using include() pattern. #14
  • ?sql= params are now signed, must first be created using a POST request. #13
  • New custom widgets framework #20
  • Big number widget for displaying a big number. #20
2021-03-15T01:20:22Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
248903544 2021-03-13

Progress display now shows the total as well as the number currently in the queue. % hacker-news-to-sqlite trees hn.db 26440397 done: 1, in queue: 0, total: 1 done: 2, in queue: 28, total: 30 done: 3, in queue: 27, total: 30

2021-03-13T19:15:06Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "dogsheep", "hacker-news"]
347263722 2021-03-13
  • Include templates and migrations in the release. #4
2021-03-13T05:50:05Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
347263722 2021-03-13
  • Workaround for psycopg2 dependency bug on macOS. #3
2021-03-13T05:38:20Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
347263722 2021-03-13
  • Initial working alpha.
2021-03-13T05:31:23Z ["dashboards", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "django", "sql"]
315796015 2021-03-11
  • Use white-space: pre-wrap when displaying lines, so lines now wrap. #21
  • Long lines in results are now truncated, with a [...] link to expand them to full length. #22
2021-03-11T20:03:38Z ["codesearch", "datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "ripgrep"]
346597557 2021-03-11
  • Support importing data from a full URL to a Tableau dashboard hosted somewhere other than #2
2021-03-11T06:52:22Z ["datasette-io", "datasette-tool"]
346597557 2021-03-11
  • No longer produces tables with single quotes in the name, which can cause bugs when viewed in Datasette. #1
2021-03-11T06:37:14Z ["datasette-io", "datasette-tool"]
346597557 2021-03-11

First working version.

2021-03-11T06:13:20Z ["datasette-io", "datasette-tool"]
195087137 2021-02-25
  • Deployments that are configured to check organization membership now use read:org scope instead of the more permissive user scope. #73
2021-02-25T06:40:17Z ["asgi", "datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin"]
342126610 2021-02-25
  • Fix ASGI lifespan bug. #1
2021-02-25T05:03:45Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin"]
342126610 2021-02-25
  • First working release
2021-02-25T04:52:07Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin"]
175321497 2021-02-23
  • Tool now also works against inputs that are JSON files consisting of a list of objects with identical keys, using --format=json. #12
2021-02-23T01:14:25Z ["click", "csv", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "diff", "git-scraping"]
219372133 2021-02-22
  • New sqlite-transform jsonsplit for converting foo,bar into ["foo", "bar"]. #10
  • Added --dry-run option to sqlite-tranfsorm lambda for previewing the conversion that is about to be applied. #8
2021-02-22T17:04:53Z ["datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "sqlite"]
291339086 2021-02-22
  • New --sqlite database.db export option. #10
2021-02-22T06:02:10Z ["airtable", "airtable-api", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "yaml"]
140912432 2021-02-19

This release adds the ability to execute queries joining data from more than one database file - similar to the cross database querying feature introduced in Datasette 0.55.

2021-02-19T05:19:00Z ["python", "cli", "sqlite", "sqlite-database", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool"]
107914493 2021-02-19

Support for cross-database SQL queries and built-in support for serving via HTTPS.

  • The new --crossdb command-line option causes Datasette to attach up to ten database files to the same /_memory database connection. This enables cross-database SQL queries, including the ability to use joins and unions to combine data from tables that exist in different database files. See Cross-database queries for details. (#283)
  • --ssl-keyfile and --ssl-certfile options can be used to specify a TLS certificate, allowing Datasette to serve traffic over https:// without needing to run it behind a separate proxy. (#1221)
  • The /:memory: page has been renamed (and redirected) to /_memory for consistency with the new /_internal database introduced in Datasette 0.54. (#1205)
  • Added plugin testing documentation on Using pdb for errors thrown inside Datasette. (#1207)
  • The official Datasette Docker image now uses Python 3.7.10, applying the latest security fix for that Python version. (#1235)
2021-02-19T02:02:29Z ["python", "docker", "json", "csv", "sql", "sqlite", "datasets", "asgi", "automatic-api", "datasette", "datasette-io"]
284383265 2021-02-18
  • Fix broken tests against Datasette 0.54. #71
  • Bundle JavaScript and CSS assets for GraphiQL, instead of loading them from a CDN. #73
  • Pin to graphene dependency < 3.0. #72
2021-02-18T23:37:44Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "graphql", "sqlite"]
335372050 2021-02-16
  • Fixed bug in released version caused by unnecessary attr import. #6
2021-02-16T04:19:59Z ["datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "mbtiles", "openstreetmap"]
140912432 2021-02-14
  • sqlite-utils insert --sniff option for detecting the delimiter and quote character used by a CSV file, see Alternative delimiters and quote characters. (#230)
  • The table.rows_where(), and table.search_sql() methods all now take optional offset= and limit= arguments. (#231)
  • New --no-headers option for sqlite-utils insert --csv to handle CSV files that are missing the header row, see CSV files without a header row. (#228)
  • Fixed bug where inserting data with extra columns in subsequent chunks would throw an error. Thanks @nieuwenhoven for the fix. (#234)
  • Fixed bug importing CSV files with columns containing more than 128KB of data. (#229)
  • Test suite now runs in CI against Ubuntu, macOS and Windows. Thanks @nieuwenhoven for the Windows test fixes. (#232)
2021-02-14T22:44:21Z ["python", "cli", "sqlite", "sqlite-database", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool"]
303218369 2021-02-11
  • Explicitly open file using utf-8 encoding - thanks, RiverZhou. #10
  • Fix import error if note has no "updated" element - thanks, Matej Korosec. #8
2021-02-11T22:40:40Z ["datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "dogsheep", "evernote", "sqlite"]
303218369 2021-02-11
  • Correctly handle entities in XHTML notes. #9
  • Fixed a bug importing ENEX files on Windows. Thanks, dskrad. #11
2021-02-11T22:16:20Z ["datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "dogsheep", "evernote", "sqlite"]
335175637 2021-02-11
  • Fixed bug introduced in 0.6 which caused the non-JavaScript tile explorer to display incorrectly. #22
2021-02-11T00:40:11Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "mbtiles"]
335175637 2021-02-11

This release breaks backwards compatibility if you are using this as a tile server. Map tiles served by /-/tiles/... now use the OpenStreetMap coordinate system, where y=0 references the upper-most tile on the map. If you wish to continue using the TMS coordinate system you should switch to /-/tiles-tms/... instead. See Tile coordinate systems for more details.

  • Support both OSM and TMS coordinate systems, use OSM by default. #15
  • Hide non-JavaScript map as soon as the JavaScript loads in the tile explorer. #21
2021-02-11T00:25:56Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "mbtiles"]
174715153 2021-02-06
  • Updated README examples to reflect function name changes in version 1.0. #3
2021-02-06T02:34:18Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin"]
140912432 2021-02-06
  • Fixed a code import bug that slipped in to 3.4. (#226)
2021-02-06T02:11:15Z ["python", "cli", "sqlite", "sqlite-database", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool"]
174715153 2021-02-06

Renamed two functions for compatibility with the latest Jellyfish - see their documentation for details.

  • jaro_distance(a, b) is now jaro_similarity(a, b)
  • jaro_winkler(a, b) is now jaro_winkler_similarity(a, b)
2021-02-06T02:00:51Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin"]
140912432 2021-02-06
2021-02-06T01:38:26Z ["python", "cli", "sqlite", "sqlite-database", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool"]
335175637 2021-02-04
2021-02-04T18:16:52Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "mbtiles"]
335175637 2021-02-03
  • New /-/tiles-stack mechanism for serving tiles from multiple databases. #8
  • "tiles-stack-order" plugin setting, for controlling the order in which tiles are served from the stack.
  • Tile explorer page now also displays metadata for that tile database. #7
  • Tile explorer uses name from metadata if it is available, and provides links to the database and table pages.
  • Tile 404s are now served as blank PNGs. #9
  • Renamed templates from mbtiles_*.html to tiles_*.html. #10
2021-02-03T22:24:18Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "mbtiles"]
335372050 2021-02-03
  • --name= option for setting the name to be written into the metadata table. If you use the --city or --country options without passing the --name the city or country name will be used instead. #5
  • --attribution=osm shortcut for setting the attribution to © OpenStreetMap contributors without having to type that out in full. #4
2021-02-03T03:32:11Z ["datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "mbtiles", "openstreetmap"]
335372050 2021-02-03
  • New --attribution option for writing an attribution record to the metadata table. #3
2021-02-03T00:35:59Z ["datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "mbtiles", "openstreetmap"]
335175637 2021-02-02
  • Attribution is now shown on the tile explorer page if it is included in the metadata table. #6
2021-02-02T23:41:32Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "mbtiles"]
335137108 2021-02-02
  • Database now includes attribution in the metadata table. #3
2021-02-02T23:33:57Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "mbtiles", "openstreetmap"]
107914493 2021-02-02
  • Fixed a bug where ?_search= and ?_sort= parameters were incorrectly duplicated when the filter form on the table page was re-submitted. (#1214)
2021-02-02T21:30:12Z ["python", "docker", "json", "csv", "sql", "sqlite", "datasets", "asgi", "automatic-api", "datasette", "datasette-io"]
335175637 2021-02-02
  • Table and database action menu items linking to the tile explorer. #4
2021-02-02T19:54:11Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "mbtiles"]
335372050 2021-02-02
  • --city and --country options as an alternative to --bbox. #1
2021-02-02T18:24:29Z ["datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "mbtiles", "openstreetmap"]
335372050 2021-02-02

Initial working version.

2021-02-02T17:39:35Z ["datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "mbtiles", "openstreetmap"]
335137108 2021-02-02
  • First non-alpha release.
2021-02-02T07:07:43Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "mbtiles", "openstreetmap"]
335175637 2021-02-02
  • Improved README and live demo. #2
2021-02-02T07:05:04Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "mbtiles"]
335175637 2021-02-02
  • Initial working version, with tile serving and tile explorer. #1
2021-02-02T06:47:44Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "mbtiles"]
335137108 2021-02-02
  • Fixed bug with database bundling. #1
2021-02-02T02:02:51Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "mbtiles", "openstreetmap"]
335137108 2021-02-02

Initial release, bundling zoom levels 0-6. #1

2021-02-02T01:59:05Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "mbtiles", "openstreetmap"]
130236762 2021-02-01
2021-02-01T22:22:25Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "leafletjs"]
331720824 2021-02-01
  • Fixed bug where Leaflet marker images were not bundled with the plugin. #6
2021-02-01T22:20:28Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin"]
331720824 2021-01-31
  • Updated README
2021-01-31T07:23:01Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin"]
327236119 2021-01-29
  • Pandas read_csv() streaming example now includes dtype= parameter with correct column types. #8
2021-01-29T22:22:44Z ["datasette-io", "datasette-plugin"]
238339412 2021-01-29
  • Switched to using the register_routes() Datasette plugin hook. #2
2021-01-29T15:31:50Z ["asgi", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin"]
221802296 2021-01-29
  • Updated for compatibility with latest Datasette. #3
2021-01-29T02:29:57Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin"]
130236762 2021-01-29
2021-01-29T02:06:19Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "leafletjs"]
130236762 2021-01-26
2021-01-26T06:33:15Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "leafletjs"]
135007287 2021-01-26
2021-01-26T02:41:07Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "gis", "leaflet"]
331151708 2021-01-25
  • Include source map in the bundle. #4
2021-01-25T19:23:59Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "leafletjs"]
331151708 2021-01-25
2021-01-25T19:05:34Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "leafletjs"]
331720824 2021-01-25
  • Expose URLs to bundled assets as JavaScript global variables datasette.leaflet.JAVASCRIPT_URL and datasette.leaflet.CSS_URL. #4
2021-01-25T19:03:10Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin"]
107914493 2021-01-25

The two big new features in this release are the _internal SQLite in-memory database storing details of all connected databases and tables, and support for JavaScript modules in plugins and additional scripts.

For additional commentary on this release, see Datasette 0.54, the annotated release notes.

The _internal database

As part of ongoing work to help Datasette handle much larger numbers of connected databases and tables (see Datasette Library) Datasette now maintains an in-memory SQLite database with details of all of the attached databases, tables, columns, indexes and foreign keys. (#1150)

This will support future improvements such as a searchable, paginated homepage of all available tables.

You can explore an example of this database by signing in as root to the demo instance and then navigating to

Plugins can use these tables to introspect attached data in an efficient way. Plugin authors should note that this is not yet considered a stable interface, so any plugins that use this may need to make changes prior to Datasette 1.0 if the _internal table schemas change.

Named in-memory database support

As part of the work building the _internal database, Datasette now supports named in-memory databases that can be shared across multiple connections. This allows plugins to create in-memory databases which will persist data for the lifetime of the Datasette server process. (#1151)

The new memory_name= parameter to the Database class can be used to create named, shared in-memory databases.

JavaScript modules

JavaScript modules were introduced in ECMAScript 2015 and provide native browser support for the import and export keywords.

To use modules, JavaScript needs to be included in <script> tags with a type="module" attribute.

Datasette now has the ability to output <script type="module"> in places where you may wish to take advantage of modules. The extra_js_urls option described in Custom CSS and JavaScript can now be used with modules, and module support is also available for the extra_body_script() plugin hook. (#1186, #1187)

datasette-leaflet-freedraw is the first example of a Datasette plugin that takes advantage of the new support for JavaScript modules. See Drawing shapes on a map to query a SpatiaLite database for more on this plugin.

Code formatting with Black and Prettier

Datasette adopted Black for opinionated Python code formatting in June 2019. Datasette now also embraces Prettier for JavaScript formatting, which like Black is enforced by tests in continuous integration. Instructions for using these two tools can be found in the new section on Code formatting in the contributors documentation. (#1167)

Other changes

  • Datasette can now open multiple database files with the same name, e.g. if you run datasette path/to/one.db path/to/other/one.db. (#509)
  • datasette publish cloudrun now sets force_https_urls for every deployment, fixing some incorrect http:// links. (#1178)
  • Fixed a bug in the example nginx configuration in Running Datasette behind a proxy. (#1091)
  • The Datasette Ecosystem documentation page has been reduced in size in favour of the tools and plugins directories. (#1182)
  • The request object now provides a request.full_path property, which returns the path including any query string. (#1184)
  • Better error message for disallowed PRAGMA clauses in SQL queries. (#1185)
  • datasette publish heroku now deploys using python-3.8.7.
  • New plugin testing documentation on Testing outbound HTTP calls with pytest-httpx. (#1198)
  • All ?_* query string parameters passed to the table page are now persisted in hidden form fields, so parameters such as ?_size=10 will be correctly passed to the next page when query filters are changed. (#1194)
  • Fixed a bug loading a database file called test-database (1).sqlite. (#1181)
2021-01-25T17:36:30Z ["python", "docker", "json", "csv", "sql", "sqlite", "datasets", "asgi", "automatic-api", "datasette", "datasette-io"]
331720824 2021-01-24
  • Initial release, bundling Leaflet 1.7.1 as static assets that can be loaded as JavaScript modules.
2021-01-24T18:19:32Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin"]
331151708 2021-01-24
  • README now includes a demo. #2
  • Note that this currently requires the Datasette 0.54a0 alpha.
2021-01-24T06:46:58Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "leafletjs"]
195087137 2021-01-24

This plugin now builds on the Authentication and permissions mechanism introduced in Datasette 0.44. This means it can be used in combination with other authentication plugins such as datasette-auth-tokens. #62

When a user signs in with GitHub, a signed ds_actor cookie is set with details of their GitHub profile. Fields from this dictionary can be used with Datasette allow blocks to control access to individual databases, tables and queries.

The new load_orgs and load_teams options can be used to check the user's membership of different organization and teams when they first sign in. These memberships will be encoded in the cookie and can be used to control access.

Other changes:

  • The ASGI middleware version of this plugin has been split off into a separate asgi-auth-github package. #63
  • Error messages are now rendered using a datasette_auth_github_error.html template, which can be customized by including a template of the same name in a custom templates directory. #36
  • The /-/auth-callback path is now /-/github-auth-callback - you will need to update this in your GitHub OAuth application settings. #66
2021-01-24T05:53:00Z ["asgi", "datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin"]
130236762 2021-01-23
  • Handle cases where columns may have null values. Thanks, Jose Rodriguez-Salinas. #27
  • Now depends on Datasette >= 0.50
2021-01-23T22:50:55Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "leafletjs"]
195087137 2021-01-23
  • Renamed /-/auth-callback to /-/github-auth-callback. #66
2021-01-23T00:50:16Z ["asgi", "datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin"]
195087137 2021-01-22
  • Removed custom base template - Datasette provides a "logout" link in the default interface now.
  • Added "Sign in with GitHub" menu action. #65
  • Use datasette_datasette_auth_github_error.html template for error messages. #36
2021-01-22T23:22:19Z ["asgi", "datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin"]
195087137 2021-01-22

Alpha release. This is a big change - it switches the plugin over to using the authentication plugin mechanism introduced in Datasette 0.44.

2021-01-22T22:36:49Z ["asgi", "datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin"]
135007287 2021-01-20
  • Plugin now only shows maps for the first ten rows, with a "Click to view map" prompt for rows past that point. This can be customized using the new default_maps_to_load plugin setting. #16
2021-01-20T20:21:25Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "gis", "leaflet"]
331151708 2021-01-20
  • Fixed bug where polygons drawn at a high zoom level were not correctly re-displayed after submitting the query. #1
2021-01-20T09:29:08Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "leafletjs"]
331151708 2021-01-20
  • Bundle the CSS as well
2021-01-20T01:26:17Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "leafletjs"]
331151708 2021-01-20
  • Added some static files that I missed from the packaging.
2021-01-20T01:20:20Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "leafletjs"]
331151708 2021-01-20
  • Initial working release.
2021-01-20T00:59:30Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "leafletjs"]
107914493 2021-01-19

Alpha release. Release notes in progress.

  • Improved support for named in-memory databases. (#1151)
  • New _internal in-memory database tracking attached databases, tables and columns. (#1150)
  • Support for JavaScript modules. (#1186, #1187)
2021-01-19T20:51:13Z ["python", "docker", "json", "csv", "sql", "sqlite", "datasets", "asgi", "automatic-api", "datasette", "datasette-io"]
130236762 2021-01-18
  • Fixed bug where foreign key labels were displayed as [object Object]. #26
2021-01-18T21:49:39Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-plugin", "leafletjs"]
219372133 2021-01-18
  • Better --help for sqlite-transform lambda. #7
2021-01-18T21:01:06Z ["datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "sqlite"]
205429375 2021-01-18
  • Fixed bug where tool could crash with an error about missing columns. #11
2021-01-18T04:36:03Z ["datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "dogsheep", "foursquare", "foursquare-api", "sqlite", "swarm"]
140912432 2021-01-18
2021-01-18T04:29:48Z ["python", "cli", "sqlite", "sqlite-database", "click", "datasette", "datasette-io", "datasette-tool"]
167759846 2021-01-14
  • Upgraded tests for latest dependencies
  • Switched CI to GitHub Actions
2021-01-14T20:21:19Z ["datasette-io", "datasette-tool", "markdown", "sqlite", "yaml"]