Datasette Desktop

Datasette Desktop for macOS provides an installable application for easily running Datasette on your own computer.

Download the application, drag to your Applications folder and double-click the icon to get started!

Suggestions, feedback and questions welcome in the Datasette Discord.

Download and install Datasette 126.7 MB

Latest release: 0.2.3 on 27th February 2023

  • Fixed errors launching initial application. #153

0.2.2 on 13th July 2022

  • Fixed bug where application could crash on launch. Thanks, Michael C. #139
  • Upgraded to Electron 19 and latest Datasette

Screenshot of the Datasette Desktop app

Features include

  • Open an existing SQLite database file and offer all of Datasette's functionality, including the ability to explore tables and to execute arbitrary SQL queries.
  • Open a CSV file and offer the Datasette table interface (example here). By default this uses an in-memory database that gets cleared when the app shuts down, or you can...
  • Import CSV files into tables in on-disk SQLite databases (including creating a new blank database first).
  • By default the application runs a local web server which only accepts connections from your machine... but you can change that in the File -> Access Control menu to allow connections from anyone on your network. This includes Tailscale networks too, allowing you to run the application on your home computer and then access it securely from other devices such as your mobile phone anywhere in the world.
  • You can install plugins! This is the most exciting aspect of this initial release: it's already in a state where users can customize it and developers can extend it, either with Datasette's existing plugins (69 and counting) or by writing new ones.