Use cases for Datasette

Datasette can be applied to all kinds of interesting problems.

Datasette for exploratory analysis

Import data from CSVs, JSON, database connections and more. Datasette will automatically show you patterns in your data and help you share your findings with your colleagues.

Datasette for publishing data

The built-in "datasette publish" command lets you instantly publish your data to hosting providers like Google Cloud Run, Heroku or Vercel.

Datasette for websites

Datasette can be used to power dynamic-static websites: sites that run on serverless hosting while providing dynamic data-backed functionality.

Datasette for data journalism

Datasette was originally designed as a tool for data journalists, to help report on data-driven stories, crunch through large datasets and publish the results.

Datasette for geospatial analysis

Combining Datasette with SpatiaLite provides a powerful set of tools for analyzing and visualizing geospatial data.

Datasette for search

Datasette uses SQLite's built-in full-text search feature to provide faceted search over any correctly configured collection of records.

Datasette for rapid prototyping

Spin up a JSON (or GraphQL) API for any data in minutes. Use it to prototype and prove your ideas without building a custom backend.

Serverless read-only databases with Datasette

Serverless hosting usually depends on external hosted databases, but Datasette lets you implement the Baked Data pattern to bundle your data with your application code and deploy it to serverless providers.