Datasette for publishing data

Datasette was originally inspired by work on the Guardian Data Blog, an initiative to publish the raw data behind the stories in the news.

Datasette encourages sharing data as tables that can be explored by users and exported out as JSON or CSV. It's like publishing a CSV file but with much deeper flexibility for visitors to remix, visualize and export data.

Data published by Datasette can be deployed to both traditional and serverless hosting platforms.

The datasette publish command, documented here, can deploy to Heroku and Google Cloud Run. Plugins can be used to deploy Datasette on Vercel or

Datasette also works great on Glitch.

When combined with GitHub Actions, Datasette can be used to automatically deploy new databases on a scheduled basis. See Deploying a data API using GitHub Actions and Cloud Run for more details on implementing this pattern.

More uses for Datasette