Datasette for websites

Datasette templates can be used to build custom websites with Datasette under the hood. Examples include the site you are browsing right now.

The official Datasette website runs on top of a customized Datasette instance.

A blog sharing TILs - Today I Learned snippets.

Niche Museums is a directory of small and niche museums, powered by Datasette. Read, powered by Datasette for details, or browse the code on GitHub.

Rocky Beaches

Rocky Beaches by Natalie Downe shows the best times to go tidepooling at Pillar Point near Half Moon Bay, California. It runs on Datasette, using SQL queries to suggest the best times to go based on low tide times and sunrise/sunset and display recent observations recorded on iNaturalist.

The source code is available at The site uses the datasette-graphql in some of the templates, for example here.

More uses for Datasette