Datasette Examples

Covid-19 cases and deaths uses data from Johns Hopkins CSSE, the New York Times and the LA Times to show Covid-19 cases and deaths around the USA and the world. It updates several times a day as new data becomes available.

SBA Paycheck Protection Program Loan Data shows recipients of Covid-19 Paycheck Protection Program loans, using data released by the Small Business Administration.

Global Power Plants Database

Data from

Deployed automatically when the underlying data changes by

The Foreign Agents Registration Act

FARA is a US law that requires foreign lobbyists to register with the US Department of Justice. publishes data released by the DoJ and uses Datasette to make it searchable.

You can read more about how the project works in Tracking FARA by deploying a data API using GitHub Actions and Cloud Run.

UK Register of Members Interests - background here: source code here:

FiveThirtyEight - data derived from

San Francisco Open Data - datasets derived from has various tutorials relating to this data.

Himalayan Database

This is not yet hosted publicly, but Raffaele Messuti‏ provides step-by-step instructions in From Visual FoxPro GUI to JSON API with Datasette for converting to SQLite for exploration with Datasette.

Lahman’s Baseball Database - published by Ted Lawless:

ParlGov - worldwide political data from

Polar Bears - USGS Alaska Science Center data from - here’s how it was built:

Australian Open Data - public toilets in Australia, from