Examples of sites built using Datasette

datasette.io (this website)

datasette.io runs using a heavily customized Datasette instance implementing the Baked Data pattern. Read more about how it works in datasette.io, an official project website for Datasette and Building a search engine for datasette.io.

You can explore the database that powers this site at datasette.io/content.

A screenshot of the datasette.io homepage

github-to-sqlite with GraphQL

github-to-sqlite is a tool for loading data from GitHub - repositories, issues, issue comments, commits and more - into a SQLite database.

github-to-sqlite.dogsheep.net provides a demo of that tool running against hundreds of Datasette repositories. It also demonstrates two plugins: datasette-graphql for providing a GraphQL API to Datasette, and datasette-search-all for searching multiple database tables at once.

Screenshot of the GraphiQL GraphQL explorer interface running in Datasette, showing an example GraphQL query and the JSON response

California Protected Areas

CPAD, the California Protected Areas Database, is a remarkable GIS dataset maintained by GreenInfo Network, an Oakland non-profit.

This example uses the shapefile-to-sqlite tool to import Shapefiles from that project into a SpatiaLite database, then demonstrates a number of different Datasette geospatial plugins, including:

For more on this project, see California Protected Areas in Datasette and Drawing shapes on a map to query a SpatiaLite database.

Building a location to time zone API with SpatiaLite is a tutorial showing how to use SpatiaLite with Datasette.

Screnshot of a Datasette table displaying a map of San Francisco with a rough shape drawn around it - the query has returned 290 rows that intersect the geometry of the drawn shape

San Francisco Microscopical Society Archive

The San Francisco Microscopical Society have archives dating back to 1870, and recently started digitizing them as scanned images in PDF files.

s3-ocr is a tool for bulk OCRing PDF files in an S3 bucket and extracting out the resulting text into a searchable SQLite database.

Their archive site uses a templated Datasette instance to allow people to search and browse through their archives.

Building a searchable archive for the San Francisco Microscopical Society describes in detail how this project was built.

Screenshot of the homepage of the San Francisco Microscopical Society Archive website, showing thumbnails of scanned PDF pages

Global Power Plants

The World Resources Institute publishes a Global Power Plants Database with information about over 30,000 power plants around the world.

This Datasette instance presents those power plants on a map, using the datasette-cluster-map plugin to support zooming in to see individual plants.

Screenshot of a Datasette instance showing a map of North America, covered in markers representing different power plants. The table also has facets showing the top values for primary_fuel, owner and country_long in the table.

More examples

United States members of congress

congress-legislators.datasettes.com lists United States members of congress, plus Presidents and Vice Presidents, using data from unitedstates/congress-legislators on GitHub.

The official Datasette tutorials Exploring a database with Datasette and Learn SQL with Datasette demonstrate how to use Datasette to explore and query this database.

SBA Paycheck Protection Program Loan Data

sba-loans-covid-19.datasettes.com shows recipients of Covid-19 Paycheck Protection Program loans, using data released by the Small Business Administration.

The Foreign Agents Registration Act

FARA is a US law that requires foreign lobbyists to register with the US Department of Justice.

fara.datasettes.com publishes data released by the DoJ and uses Datasette to make it searchable.

You can read more about how the project works in Tracking FARA by deploying a data API using GitHub Actions and Cloud Run.

Covid-19 cases and deaths

covid-19.datasettes.com uses data from Johns Hopkins CSSE, the New York Times and the LA Times to show Covid-19 cases and deaths around the USA and the world.

UK Register of Members Interests

register-of-members-interests.datasettes.com provides a searchable interface to the UK Register of Members Interests - a database of the financial interests of members of the UK Parliament.

See Exploring the UK Register of Members Interests with SQL and Datasette for background on this project.