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Log Datasette events to a database table


Install this plugin in the same environment as Datasette.

datasette install datasette-events-db

This plugin depends on Datasette 1.0a8 or higher.


Once installed, all Datasette events will be logged to a table called datasette_events. This table will be created in the _internal database, but can be moved to another database using the following plugin configuration option:

    database: my_database

The table will be created when Datasette starts up, if it does not already exist.

Table schema

create table if not exists datasette_events (
    id integer primary key,
    event text,
    created text,
    actor_id text,
    database_name text,
    table_name text,
    properties text -- JSON other properties
  • event is the text name of the event, for example create-table
  • created is an ISO formatted UTC timestamp
  • actor_id will be populated with the ID of the responsible actor, or null if not available
  • database_name will be the database property recorded by the event, if present
  • table_name will be the table property recorded by the event, if present
  • properties will be a JSON object containing any other properties recorded by the event


To set up this plugin locally, first checkout the code. Then create a new virtual environment:

cd datasette-events-db
python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate

Now install the dependencies and test dependencies:

pip install -e '.[test]'

To run the tests: