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Statistical visualizations for Datasette using Seaborn


Install this plugin in the same environment as Datasette.

$ datasette install datasette-seaborn


Navigate to the new .seaborn extension for any Datasette table.

The _seaborn argument specifies a method on sns to execute, e.g. ?_seaborn=relplot.

Extra arguments to those methods can be specified using e.g. &_seaborn_x=column_name.


The plugin implements a default rendering time limit of five seconds. You can customize this limit using the render_time_limit setting, which accepts a floating point number of seconds. Add this to your metadata.json:

    "plugins": {
        "datasette-seaborn": {
            "render_time_limit": 1.0


To set up this plugin locally, first checkout the code. Then create a new virtual environment:

cd datasette-seaborn
python3 -mvenv venv
source venv/bin/activate

Or if you are using pipenv:

pipenv shell

Now install the dependencies and tests:

pip install -e '.[test]'

To run the tests: