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Run TiddlyWiki in Datasette and save Tiddlers to a SQLite database

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Install this plugin in the same environment as Datasette.

$ datasette install datasette-tiddlywiki


Start Datasette with a tiddlywiki.db database. You can create it if it does not yet exist using --create.

You need to be signed in as the root user to write to the wiki, so use the --root option and click on the link it provides:

% datasette tiddlywiki.db --create --root
# ...

Navigate to /-/tiddlywiki on your instance to interact with TiddlyWiki.

Authentication and permissions

By default, the wiki can be read by anyone who has permission to read the tiddlywiki.db database. Only the signed in root user can write to it.

You can sign in using the --root option described above, or you can set a password for that user using the datasette-auth-passwords plugin and sign in using the /-/login page.

You can use the edit-tiddlywiki permission to grant edit permisions to other users, using another plugin such as datasette-permissions-sql.

You can use the view-database permission against the tiddlywiki database to control who can view the wiki.

Datasette's permissions mechanism is described in full in the Datasette documentation.


To set up this plugin locally, first checkout the code. Then create a new virtual environment:

cd datasette-tiddlywiki
python3 -mvenv venv
source venv/bin/activate

Or if you are using pipenv:

pipenv shell

Now install the dependencies and test dependencies:

pip install -e '.[test]'

To run the tests: