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A SQLite extension for querying, manipulating, and creating HTML elements.

  • Extract HTML or text from HTML with CSS selectors, like .querySelector(), .innerHTML, and .innerText
  • Generate a table of matching elements from a CSS selector, like .querySelectorAll()
  • Safely create HTML elements in a query, like .createElement() and .appendChild()

sqlite-html's API is modeled after the official JSON1 SQLite extension.

This extension is written in Go, thanks to riyaz-ali/sqlite. While this library aims to be fast and efficient, it is overall slower than what a pure C SQLite extension could be, but in practice you may not notice much of a difference.


.load ./html0
select html_extract('<p> Anakin <b>Skywalker</b> </p>', 'b');
-- "<b>Skywalker</b>"

sqlite-html is similar to other HTML scraping tools like BeautifulSoup (Python) or cheerio (Node.js) or nokogiri (Ruby). You can use CSS selectors to extract individual elements or groups of elements to query data from HTML sources.

For example, here we find all href links in an index.html file.

  text as name,
  html_attribute_get(anchors, 'a', 'href') as href
from html_each(readfile('index.html'), 'a') as anchors

We can also safely generate HTML with html_element, modeled after React's React.createElement.

select html_element('p', null,
  'Luke, I am your',
  html_element('b', null, 'father'),

  html_element('img', json_object(
    'src', 'https://images.dog.ceo/breeds/groenendael/n02105056_4600.jpg',
    'width', 200

-- "<p>Luke, I am your<b>father</b>!<img src="https://images.dog.ceo/breeds/groenendael/n02105056_4600.jpg" width="200.000000"/></p>"


See docs.md for a full API reference.


Language Install
Python pip install sqlite-html PyPI
Datasette datasette install datasette-sqlite-html Datasette
Node.js npm install sqlite-html npm
Deno deno.land/x/sqlite_html deno.land/x release
Ruby gem install sqlite-html Gem
Github Release GitHub tag (latest SemVer pre-release)

The Releases page contains pre-built binaries for Linux amd64, MacOS amd64 (no arm), and Windows.

As a loadable extension

If you want to use sqlite-html as a Runtime-loadable extension, Download the html0.dylib (for MacOS), html0.so (Linux), or html0.dll (Windows) file from a release and load it into your SQLite environment.

Note: The 0 in the filename (html0.dylib/ html0.so/html0.dll) denotes the major version of sqlite-html. Currently sqlite-html is pre v1, so expect breaking changes in future versions.

For example, if you are using the SQLite CLI, you can load the library like so:

.load ./html0
select html_version();
-- v0.0.1

Or in Python, using the builtin sqlite3 module:

import sqlite3

con = sqlite3.connect(":memory:")


print(con.execute("select html_version()").fetchone())
# ('v0.0.1',)

Or in Node.js using better-sqlite3:

const Database = require("better-sqlite3");
const db = new Database(":memory:");


console.log(db.prepare("select html_version()").get());
// { 'html_version()': 'v0.0.1' }

Or with Datasette:

datasette data.db --load-extension ./html0

See also

  • sqlite-http, for making HTTP requests in SQLite (pairs great with this tool)
  • htmlq, for a similar but CLI-based HTML query tool using CSS selectors
  • riyaz-ali/sqlite, the brilliant Go library that this library depends on
  • nalgeon/sqlean, several pre-compiled handy SQLite functions, in C