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A SQLite extension for parsing and generating URLs and query strings. Based on libcurl's URL API

Try it out in your browser and learn more in Introducing sqlite-url: A SQLite extension for parsing and generating URLs (September 2022)


.load ./url0
select url_valid('https://sqlite.org'); -- 1

Extract specific parts from a given URL.

select url_scheme('https://www.sqlite.org/vtab.html#usage'); -- 'https'
select url_host('https://www.sqlite.org/vtab.html#usage'); -- 'www.sqlite.org'
select url_path('https://www.sqlite.org/vtab.html#usage'); -- '/vtab.html'
select url_fragment('https://www.sqlite.org/vtab.html#usage'); -- 'usage'

Generate a URL programmatically.

select url(null,
  'scheme', 'https',
  'host', 'alexgarcia.url',
  'fragment', 'yeet'
); -- 'https://alexgarcia.url/#yeet'

Iterate through all parameters in a URL's query string.

select *
from url_query_each(
│ name │    value    │
│ get  │ B01001_001E │
│ for  │ county:*    │
│ in   │ state:06    │

Use with sqlite-http to generate URLs to request.

select http_get_body(
    'path', '/data/2020/acs/acs5',
    'query', url_querystring(
      'get', 'B01001_001E',
      'for', 'county:*',
      'in', 'state:06'
│           http_get_body(           │
│ [["B01001_001E","state","county"], │
│ ["1661584","06","001"],            │
│ ["1159","06","003"],               │
│ ["223344","06","007"],             │
│ ["21491","06","011"],              │
│ ["1147788","06","013"],            │
│ ["190345","06","017"],             │
│               ...                  │
│ ["845599","06","111"]]             │

Use with sqlite-path to safely generate paths for a URL.

select url(
  'path', path_join('/', 'asg017', 'sqlite-url', 'issues', '1')
-- 'https://github.com/asg017/sqlite-url/issues/1'


See docs.md for a full API reference.


Language Install
Python pip install sqlite-url PyPI
Datasette datasette install datasette-sqlite-url Datasette
Node.js npm install sqlite-url npm
Deno deno.land/x/sqlite_url deno.land/x release
Ruby gem install sqlite-url Gem
Github Release GitHub tag (latest SemVer pre-release)

The Releases page contains pre-built binaries for Linux amd6 and MacOS amd64 (no arm).

As a loadable extension

If you want to use sqlite-url as a Runtime-loadable extension, Download the url0.dylib (for MacOS) or url0.so (Linux) file from a release and load it into your SQLite environment.

Note: The 0 in the filename (url0.dylib/ url0.so) denotes the major version of sqlite-url. Currently sqlite-url is pre v1, so expect breaking changes in future versions.

For example, if you are using the SQLite CLI, you can load the library like so:

.load ./url0
select url_version();
-- v0.0.1

Or in Python, using the builtin sqlite3 module:

import sqlite3

con = sqlite3.connect(":memory:")


print(con.execute("select url_version()").fetchone())
# ('v0.0.1',)

Or in Node.js using better-sqlite3:

const Database = require("better-sqlite3");
const db = new Database(":memory:");


console.log(db.prepare("select url_version()").get());
// { 'html_version()': 'v0.0.1' }

Or with Datasette:

datasette data.db --load-extension ./url0

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