Datasette Plugins

Plugins extend Datasette with new functionality - visualization options, authentication schemes, data manipulating tools, additional output formats and more.

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datasette-export-notebook by simonw

Datasette plugin providing instructions for exporting data to Jupyter or Observable

20 downloads this week        ⭐ 10

Screenshot of simonw/datasette-export-notebook

Latest: 1.0.1 on 15th September 2023

datasette-export by simonw

Export pages from Datasette to files on disk

2 downloads this week        ⭐ 1

Latest: 0.1a0 on 27th November 2022

datasette-yaml by simonw

Export Datasette records as YAML

11 downloads this week        ⭐ 2

Latest: 0.1.1 on 3rd December 2020