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Create a local copy of database files from a Datasette instance.

See datasette-clone on my blog for background on this project.

How to install

$ pip install datasette-clone


This only works against Datasette instances running immutable databases (with the -i option). Databases published using the datasette publish command should be compatible with this tool.

To download copies of all .db files from an instance, run:


You can provide an optional second argument to specify a directory:

datasette-clone /tmp/here-please

The command stores its own copy of a databases.json manifest and uses it to only download databases that have changed the next time you run the command.

It also stores a copy of the instance's metadata.json to ensure you have a copy of any source and licensing information for the downloaded databases.

If your instance is protected by an API token, you can use --token to provide it:

datasette-clone --token=xyz

For verbose output showing what the tool is doing, use -v.