dbf-to-sqlite by simonw

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CLI tool for converting DBF files (dBase, FoxPro etc) to SQLite.


pip install dbf-to-sqlite


$ dbf-to-sqlite --help
Usage: dbf-to-sqlite [OPTIONS] DBF_PATHS... SQLITE_DB

  Convert DBF files (dBase, FoxPro etc) to SQLite


  --version      Show the version and exit.
  --table TEXT   Table name to use (only valid for single files)
  -v, --verbose  Show what's going on
  --help         Show this message and exit.

Example usage:

$ dbf-to-sqlite *.DBF database.db

This will create a new SQLite database called database.db containing one table for each of the DBF files in the current directory.

Looking for DBF files to try this out on? Try downloading the Himalayan Database of all expeditions that have climbed in the Nepal Himalaya.