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Save data from google-takeout to a SQLite database.

How to install

$ pip install google-takeout-to-sqlite

Request your Google data from - wait for the email and download the zip file.

This tool only supports a subset of the available options. More will be added over time.

My Activity

You can request the "My Activity" export and then import it with the following command:

$ google-takeout-to-sqlite my-activity takeout.db ~/Downloads/

This will create a database file called takeout.db if one does not already exist.

Location History

Your location history records latitude, longitude and timestame for where Google has tracked your location. You can import it using this command:

$ google-takeout-to-sqlite location-history takeout.db ~/Downloads/

Browsing your data with Datasette

Once you have imported Google data into a SQLite database file you can browse your data using Datasette. Install Datasette like so:

$ pip install datasette

Now browse your data by running this and then visiting http://localhost:8001/

$ datasette takeout.db

Install the datasette-cluster-map plugin to see your location history on a map:

$ pip install datasette-cluster-map