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Create a SQLite database containing data from your Pocket account.

How to install

$ pip install pocket-to-sqlite


You will need to first obtain a valid OAuth token for your Pocket account. You can do this by running the auth command and following the prompts:

$ pocket-to-sqlite auth
Visit this page and sign in with your Pocket account:


Once you have signed in there, hit <enter> to continue
Authentication tokens written to auth.json

Now you can fetch all of your items from Pocket like this:

$ pocket-to-sqlite fetch pocket.db

The first time you run this command it will fetch all of your items, and display a progress bar while it does it.

On subsequent runs it will only fetch new items.

You can force it to fetch everything from the beginning again using --all. Use --silent to disable the progress bar.

Using with Datasette

The SQLite database produced by this tool is designed to be browsed using Datasette. Use the datasette-render-timestamps plugin to improve the display of the timestamp values.