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Create a SQLite database containing your checkin history from Foursquare Swarm.

How to install

$ pip install swarm-to-sqlite


You will need to first obtain a valid OAuth token for your Foursquare account. You can do so using this tool: https://your-foursquare-oauth-token.glitch.me/

Simplest usage is to simply provide the name of the database file you wish to write to. The tool will prompt you to paste in your token, and will then download your checkins and store them in the specified database file.

$ swarm-to-sqlite checkins.db
Please provide your Foursquare OAuth token:
Importing 3699 checkins  [#########-----------------------] 27% 00:02:31

You can also pass the token as a command-line option:

$ swarm-to-sqlite checkins.db --token=XXX

Or as an environment variable:

$ swarm-to-sqlite checkins.db

To retrieve just checkins within the past X hours, days or weeks, use the --since= option. For example, to pull only checkins that happened within the last 10 days use:

$ swarm-to-sqlite checkins.db --token=XXX --since=10d

Use 2w for two weeks, 10h for ten hours, 3d for three days.

In addition to saving the checkins to a database, you can also write them to a JSON file using the --save option:

$ swarm-to-sqlite checkins.db --save=checkins.json

Having done this, you can re-import checkins directly from that file (rather than making API calls to fetch data from Foursquare) like this:

$ swarm-to-sqlite checkins.db --load=checkins.json

Using with Datasette

The SQLite database produced by this tool is designed to be browsed using Datasette.

You can install the datasette-cluster-map plugin to view your checkins on a map.