Datasette Tools

Datasette is built on top of SQLite. The Datasette ecosystem includes a growing collection of tools for creating and manipulating SQLite databases, and importing data into them from a variety of different sources.

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sqlite-utils by simonw

Python CLI utility and library for manipulating SQLite databases

43,967 downloads this week        ⭐ 1348

Screenshot of simonw/sqlite-utils

Latest: 3.35.2 on 4th November 2023

csv-diff by simonw

Python CLI tool and library for diffing CSV and JSON files

11,782 downloads this week        ⭐ 198

Latest: 1.1 on 23rd February 2021

shot-scraper by simonw

A command-line utility for taking automated screenshots of websites

5,003 downloads this week        ⭐ 1180

Screenshot of simonw/shot-scraper

Latest: 1.3 on 1st November 2023

llm by simonw

Access large language models from the command-line

1,402 downloads this week        ⭐ 1862

Latest: 0.12 on 6th November 2023

django-sql-dashboard by simonw

Django app for building dashboards using raw SQL queries

520 downloads this week        ⭐ 335

Screenshot of simonw/django-sql-dashboard

Latest: 1.1 on 20th April 2022

db-to-sqlite by simonw

CLI tool for exporting tables or queries from any SQL database to a SQLite file

351 downloads this week        ⭐ 279

Latest: 1.5 on 7th February 2023

git-history by simonw

Tools for analyzing Git history using SQLite

234 downloads this week        ⭐ 172

Latest: 0.7a0 on 11th January 2023

airtable-export by simonw

Export Airtable data to YAML, JSON or SQLite files on disk

222 downloads this week        ⭐ 86

Latest: 0.7.1 on 9th April 2021

csvs-to-sqlite by simonw

Convert CSV files into a SQLite database

214 downloads this week        ⭐ 655

Latest: 1.3 on 18th November 2021

github-to-sqlite by dogsheep

Save data from GitHub to a SQLite database

156 downloads this week        ⭐ 303

Screenshot of dogsheep/github-to-sqlite

Latest: 2.8.3 on 1st December 2021

sqlite-diffable by simonw

Tools for dumping/loading a SQLite database to diffable directory structure

135 downloads this week        ⭐ 42

Latest: 0.5 on 18th August 2022

geocode-sqlite by eyeseast

Geocode rows in a SQLite database table

132 downloads this week        ⭐ 223

Latest: 0.8.2 on 7th November 2022

dogsheep-beta by dogsheep

Build a search index across content from multiple SQLite database tables and run faceted searches against it using Datasette

126 downloads this week        ⭐ 78

Latest: 0.10.2 on 13th June 2021

twitter-to-sqlite by dogsheep

Save data from Twitter to a SQLite database

111 downloads this week        ⭐ 269

Latest: 0.22 on 21st September 2021

sqlite-comprehend by simonw

Tools for running data in a SQLite database through AWS Comprehend

96 downloads this week        ⭐ 6

Latest: 0.2.2 on 12th July 2022

s3-credentials by simonw

A tool for creating credentials for accessing S3 buckets

89 downloads this week        ⭐ 143

Screenshot of simonw/s3-credentials

Latest: 0.15 on 30th April 2023

strip-tags by simonw

CLI tool for stripping tags from HTML

79 downloads this week        ⭐ 114

Latest: 0.5.1 on 9th July 2023

yaml-to-sqlite by simonw

Utility for converting YAML files to SQLite

74 downloads this week        ⭐ 36

Latest: 1.0 on 13th June 2021

geojson-to-sqlite by simonw

CLI tool for converting GeoJSON files to SQLite (with SpatiaLite)

67 downloads this week        ⭐ 34

Latest: 1.1.1 on 13th April 2022

google-drive-to-sqlite by simonw

Create a SQLite database containing metadata from Google Drive

65 downloads this week        ⭐ 133

Latest: 0.4 on 20th February 2022

ttok by simonw

Count and truncate text based on tokens

62 downloads this week        ⭐ 152

Latest: 0.2 on 10th July 2023

hacker-news-to-sqlite by dogsheep

Create a SQLite database containing data pulled from Hacker News

56 downloads this week        ⭐ 25

Latest: 0.4 on 13th March 2021

download-tiles by simonw

Download map tiles and store them in an MBTiles database

56 downloads this week        ⭐ 24

Latest: 0.4.1 on 16th February 2021

tableau-to-sqlite by simonw

Fetch data from Tableau into a SQLite database

55 downloads this week        ⭐ 8

Latest: 0.2.1 on 22nd March 2021

evernote-to-sqlite by dogsheep

Tools for converting Evernote content to SQLite

52 downloads this week        ⭐ 24

Latest: 0.3.2 on 26th August 2021

healthkit-to-sqlite by dogsheep

Convert an Apple Healthkit export zip to a SQLite database

52 downloads this week        ⭐ 91

Latest: 1.0.1 on 20th August 2021

openai-to-sqlite by simonw

Save OpenAI API results to a SQLite database

48 downloads this week        ⭐ 190

Latest: 0.4 on 15th August 2023

s3-ocr by simonw

Tools for running OCR against files stored in S3

44 downloads this week        ⭐ 63

Screenshot of simonw/s3-ocr

Latest: 0.6.3 on 10th August 2022

pypi-to-sqlite by simonw

Load data about Python packages from PyPI into SQLite

44 downloads this week        ⭐ 2

Latest: 0.2.2 on 8th April 2022

pocket-to-sqlite by dogsheep

Create a SQLite database containing data from your Pocket account

40 downloads this week        ⭐ 89

Latest: 0.2.3 on 9th July 2023

markdown-to-sqlite by simonw

CLI tool for loading markdown files into a SQLite database

39 downloads this week        ⭐ 49

Latest: 1.0 on 13th June 2021

sqlite-generate by simonw

Tool for generating demo SQLite databases

38 downloads this week        ⭐ 17

Latest: 1.1.1 on 23rd June 2020

sqlite-transform by simonw

Tool for running transformations on columns in a SQLite database

35 downloads this week        ⭐ 29

Latest: 1.2.1 on 2nd August 2021

swarm-to-sqlite by dogsheep

Create a SQLite database containing your checkin history from Foursquare Swarm

29 downloads this week        ⭐ 53

Latest: 0.3.4 on 11th April 2023

json-to-files by simonw

Create separate files on disk based on a JSON object

28 downloads this week        ⭐ 1

Latest: 0.1 on 10th January 2023

shapefile-to-sqlite by simonw

Load shapefiles into a SQLite (optionally SpatiaLite) database

27 downloads this week        ⭐ 23

Latest: 0.4.2 on 8th January 2023

apple-notes-to-sqlite by dogsheep

Export Apple Notes to SQLite

22 downloads this week        ⭐ 27

Latest: 0.1 on 9th March 2023

datasette-clone by simonw

Create a local copy of database files from a Datasette instance

22 downloads this week        ⭐ 2

Latest: 0.5 on 22nd July 2020

dbf-to-sqlite by simonw

CLI tool for converting DBF files (dBase, FoxPro etc) to SQLite

21 downloads this week        ⭐ 25

Latest: 0.1 on 31st January 2019

sphinx-to-sqlite by simonw

Create a SQLite database from Sphinx documentation

17 downloads this week        ⭐ 2

Latest: 0.1a1 on 22nd October 2020

inaturalist-to-sqlite by dogsheep

Create a SQLite database containing your observation history from iNaturalist

16 downloads this week        ⭐ 2

Latest: 0.2.1 on 22nd October 2020

google-takeout-to-sqlite by dogsheep

Save data from Google Takeout to a SQLite database

15 downloads this week        ⭐ 51

Latest: 0.2 on 8th September 2019

fec-to-sqlite by simonw

Save FEC campaign finance data to a SQLite database

14 downloads this week        ⭐ 9

Latest: 0.2 on 7th March 2020

dogsheep-photos by dogsheep

Upload your photos to S3 and import metadata about them into a SQLite database

11 downloads this week        ⭐ 124

Latest: 0.4.1 on 25th May 2020

genome-to-sqlite by dogsheep

Import your genome into a SQLite database

8 downloads this week        ⭐ 13

Latest: 0.1 on 19th September 2019

datasette-app by simonw

The Datasette macOS application

⭐ 104

Screenshot of simonw/datasette-app